The gang discover the secret of traveling through the fabric of time itself. You will not believe the adventures to be had as we go "Back In Time."

Jake, drunken man.
Word of our many entertaining and varied deeds have spread like wildfire across the internet in recent times. Why, only a few months ago someone could be forgiven for asking who we were. How times change.

I am the one known as Jake. By now you must be wondering what on earth this site is about so I'll cut to the chase. My friends and I go on adventures, the stuff that dreams are made of, the kind of thing that ordinary folk wish would happen to them. We intrepid few have learned that life is best lived by doing the stuff nobody else is stupid enough to try.

Just take a look at the myriad of adventures we've been on ( is myriad a real word? ) and you'll soon see the kind of lifestyle you're missing out on. It's even better than being in a Why Don't You gang.

How To Make Your Very Own "Computer Genie"

Duncan, lord high webmaster.In an ideal world, we would all have beautiful servants waiting on us hand and foot. And the servants would have servants waiting on them hand and foot. And those servants would have . . . well, you can quickly see how this would cause a problem. If you could make up people that didn't count as real though, some kind of magic computer people, maybe then it'd work.

Anyway, we don't care about that, we made our own computer genie and now we have all kinds of fun doing, erm, stuff. She's pretty cute too. If you want to try and make your own genie (and I can assure you, they're a great laugh to have around, not to mention useful.) then read our expert guide on making your own, and find out how we got on in our early attempts.



Sparkly computer genie lady.

You will be assimilated!Journey Through Time

It came to us (well, Jake) in a dream. A spinning black hole created by the dynamic laser crystal matrix would let us fall past the event horizon and back in time. We told him to stop being silly and maybe he shouldn't eat cheese before going to bed. Were we ever astonished when he returned from his room half an hour later with a working prototype of the Time Helmet, a device that, believe it or not, now allows us to travel backwards in time. If only it didn't make us look so silly.

Join us on our quest to explore the past and see what the world was like in days gone by. Perhaps we shall smash the misconceptions of our modern world and see how people lived in a simpler time. Maybe we're just tourists.

Who Are These Strange People?

And what are they doing in my fridge? I mean, the first time they sat in there saying "ZOOL!" when I opened the door I could see the funny side, but now they've moved in. I wouldn't mind so much but one of them's been sleeping in my butter, and all my sausage rolls are missing.

Do you ever get these symptoms? Maybe you'd better call the professionals. And call us a pizza while you're at it. And you've run out of milk. How true to life.

A really big one.

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